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The buyer can choose,or order the product of the webshop, after registration. If you have already purchased in our webshop, please give your former given e-mail address and pasword. If you want to register as new customer, please give your data necessary to purchasing, which will be saved by the system, so at the next time you have only to login.

Clicking the selected product the buyer can view its detailed description. In case of buying intention the product can be placed into the virtual cart by means of clicking the buttom "Add to cart". By clicking the button "View cart" the products in the cart can be viewed, and the total sum of the invoice and delivery costs. the customer can here check the correctness of their order, expecially the prices and the quantities which - in case of need - can be modified too. The cart computes automatically to total sum of the order.

Posting the order

If you find OK the amount of products placed into the cart, the total sum, and have already decided to purchase them, and then simply click the button „Check out”. 

As next step please select the suitable shipping method (receiving points, delivery by package service, or GLS), then the payment method (cash payment, bank-card, bank transfer, pay-pal, cash). If you are satisfied by the content of the order, then to post it please click the button „Confirm Order”.


Our prices are list-prices valid in the time of order in our web-shop for our products. These are gross prices containing the VAT, but without delivery costs. The delivery cost can be found in the payment procedure before the finalization of order, and among the Purchasing Condition as well. For the case an error encounters within our web-shop at the products or prices we maintain us the right for correction. In cases like this after localization and remedy of the error we immediately inform the customers about the new data. The customer has the chance to affirm the order, or delete the deal.

Processing of the orders

Processing of the orders takes place within 24 hours.

Your order will be accepted and processed on each weekday among 08 and 16 hours. The orders sent at other time at the next workday. The sent (posted) orders will be automatically confirmed in electronic way. The confirmation doesn’t mean the acceptance of the order, every order in the webshop will be regarded as quotation only. 

Following this our team member from our Customer service will contact you on phone to settle the delivery time and finalizing of order. Based on this phone conversation our team member will confirm the affirmed order. 

If our colleague is unable contacting you on the delivery day till noon, the accepting of the order will be dispensed. Our colleague will try again contacting you within 5 days. If he fails repeatedly, your order will be deleted.

Correcting of entering errors

The correction of entering errors is possible before clicking the button „Confirm Order”. 


Concerning every order will be sent a confirmation in e-mail. That means an automatic e-mail after the posting of the order about arrival of the order and (later) one about the probable delivery time. The confirmation doesn’t mean the acceptance of the order, the ordering in the web-shop is regarded a quotation only.  

Payment term

In our web-shop there is a possibility for payment by bank-transfer, bank-card, personally, or payment on delivery. With the last opportunity the whole price together with the delivery cost has to be paid at delivery in cash to the handing person of the shipment.


The delivery, transport of the shipments can be made by packet service, or can be received personally. The web-shop declares the delivery time during confirmation e-mail will be sent as well. Negotiations will be possible regarding the delivery time on the phone number in confirmation e-mail.

Delivery mood: personal receipt, FRABEX transport, GLS normal transport, GLS cash on delivery.
Delivery time: with products from stock within 24 hours from the order.
Both inland and abroad deliveries are possible.

If neccessary, we can be solve other mode of transport too, such as (TNT, DPD, UPC etc.)

Our registered customers have the possibility preparing a product list to buy not now, but later. This purchasing will be easier to put these products into map „Wishlist” because these products can be later purchased simply by clicking the button „Add to the cart”.

Often purchased products can be placed into map „Favorites”, so at the next purchasing they are easily available.

Relinquishment of the delivery

If the web-shop doesn’t fulfill the duties because the ware stated in the contract are not available, or the web-shop is not able to provide the service of the contract the web-shop is obliged to inform the customer. The web-shop doesn’t close contracts with minor people. The customer declares with the acceptance of the Delivery Condition to be full aged.

Relinquishment right/Refund warranty

The customer can relinquish the deal within eight workdays without offering an explanation. The customer’s relinquishment right starts with the day of delivery. The seller is obliged to refund the sum paid by customer without delay, at latest in thirty days from relinquishment.
The customer bears the costs caused by the relinquishment and return of the ware. No more costs are loading to the customer. The seller is allowed to demand the refund of his damage caused by the non-predestined use of ware. If the article returned on relinquishment is not in good resalable condition, then a customer is obliged to pay compensation if he is responsible for damaging of the ware, or caused the return anyhow impossible willfully or accidentally.
If the delivered product at the opening of the package in presence of handing person (parcel service, messenger) turns out to be damaged, and the proven damage proven has occurred obviously before the delivery, we provide the return of the article, and cancellation of the deal. Any damage or content lack must be contained in the protocol taken at the delivery among messenger and customer. We are not responsible for any afterwards indicated content lack or damage.

Modification, cancellation of order

The software sends a message  to the customer at posting the order from the intake of the order. This message cannot be regarded as a contract among the seller and customer! This only indicates the fact of registration of ordering intention, and its forwarding to colleague in charge.

If this message doesn’t arrive at the customer within 48 hours the offering obligation of the customer will be cancelled.
The seller grants the customer the withdrawal of order till the starting of delivery in electronic way. The customer gets a message from the delivery in e-mail and/or per phone at the starting of delivery; afterwards he can withdraw the order personally, or by means of availabilities in „Availabilities”.

The afterwards modification of the order can be made only in writing, in e-mail or skype:

skype: frabexgmbh

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