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Step 1. - Viewing of the product categories

All products offered in the FRABEX Webshop and their informations can be found as well here on the FRABEX homepage in a menu on the left. Clicking on one of the group will list all products of the choosen category separated in main and sub-category.

Step 2. - Detailed information from the products

At the datasheet of the product the available information (parameters, customer's prize, etc.) can be seen. On the datasheet you can find the part suitable for communication with community pages "Sharing" too. At several products auxiliary or connecting products can be seen as well. You can add the product to the cart, or on wish list. The wishlist will keep your entries even after the logout, so you can use it as a reminder for later shopping.

Step 3. - Placing the ware into cart

The chosen product can be added to cart only after registration!

Why is registration worthy?

After registration you can purchase faster be up-to-date concerning your ordering state, and follow your earlier orders, or draw up allowances/discounts.

The registration can be done by clicking on "Registration" button. When completing the registration we politely ask you to give us your data very exact to make us able connecting you in need, or delivering package properly for you. Having filled up all fields click the button "Next" where you can check the correctness of the data. The obligatory information is signed with * .

On the datasheet at each page you see a button label "Add to cart" . The quantity is preset as 1 piece. You can adjust the amount now, or- if you are not sure yet - as well later in the cart-summery. 

Step 4. – Option in the cart

You can see  the content of the cart continuously  on the top of the right side of the page. If you click here "View cart" the detailed content of the cart appears, where, in the field in the column „quantity”.  A mistakenly choosen article can be removed from the cart by clicking (X) in the colum beside.
Please note: To give effect to the changes, the "Update" button must be pressed! If you intend to purchase more products, click the button "Continue Shopping". If you want to complete your shopping or respectively have entered all changes, click on "Checkout".


5. step – Posting of the order

After clicking „Checkout” in the cart-module you can control and possibly change your data, e.g. to set a different delivery address. Clicking the button "Next" the delivery data appear, which we advise to check once more. Clicking the link "Modify information" the delivery conditions can be changed. After this in the "payment method" you can choose the preferred payment term. Clicking the button "Next" you can observe the final details of the order summary. Please check the given data once more and in case and error occured use the last chnce to "Modify" your data by clicking the button. If everything is correct, clicking the button "Confirm order" at the end of the page.

Step 6. – Confirmation e-mail

If you have sent your order you’ll soon receive from us a confirming e-mail. This email is just to certificate, that we received your order - to finalize your order we'll call you! If you haven't receive this email, please check the map Spam/Trash of your mailbox, our contact our customer service.

Customer service

Skype: frabexgmbh
e-mail: info@frabex.com

We deliver the ordered ware from stock to the given address with 24 hours via parcel service. If article(s) missing in stock, we'll give the delivery time in our quotation. Following the Customer Service will contact you by phone to settle the delivery time and finalizing the order. Based on this phone conversation our team member will confirm the affirmed order. If our colleague is unable conatcting you on the delivery day till noon, the accepting of the order will be dispensed. Our colleague will try again contacting you within 5 days. If the fails repeatedly, your order will be deleted. In case the description above was not detailed enough, or happened anything which you haven't awaited, please, contact our colleagues in Customer service, who will help you in solving the problem.

Or if you prefer, you can send your order per phone or in e-mail to our customer service: 

Email: info@frabex.com
Skype: frabexgmbh

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